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life now. [29 Dec 2010|02:06pm]
working at westport yacht sales. loving my job! living with britny in oakland park in our awesome apartment. single but seeing someone special.. so not really single..

livejournal has pop up ads now. lame!!
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wow.. [17 May 2010|09:11pm]
reading back through journal entries from 2002...thats crazy...before facebook.. wow

i have seriously changed so drastically over the past few years i can't believe it... i was such a shallow little twit in 2002!! i'm annoyed with myself when i read my posts...who exactly was i trying to impress? on the other hand, its cool to look back and see really tough times in my life that i've forgotten about...times that it wasn't quite the end of the world--but i could see it from there..

i feel happier now i guess. i've graduated high school, attempted collge, learned to love, coped with loss, and dealt with heavier issues than i ever though i'd see in 2002.. but theres still so much more ahead.. even the issues i'm dealing with now have me stressed and freaking out...but looking back at my journal i remember what a really good friend told me... "this too shall pass"... thanks gav..

its good to take a moment and reflect on where i've been and where i'm going. i need direction. i need to take the time and set goals and actually attain them. hopefully this year will be my year to get things moving in the direction i wanna go...whatever that is...

ok---lets move on to updating you with my life for the past...oh year or so...

i drove with josh to texas, had a tearful goodbye, then left on my roadtrip with laurie! we had a blast. stayed in kansas city 1 night and made it to the falls the next...she stayed a couple of days then i went on to working.. i worked a month or two with not alot of friends.. stayed at gramas house and helped take care of grampa...really tough. his dementia is getting bad.

one day josh had a killer stomach ache and eventually went to the hospital.. turned out to be intestinal block caused by diverticulitis, he had to have emergency surgery and almost died. i spent a shit load of money and flew home from minnesota and spent a week with josh, he had to have a temporary colostamy bag put in.. went back up to minnesota.

josh guilted me every time we spoke on the phone for being up there, but the money was great! and i needed to get out the state for a while...i like to be on the go..

when i got back up i started making friends with people that worked at the thunderbird with me. britny was the first person to invite me out to chill...we went to sha sha :) it soon became a family..me brit brock jared aleisha yelle..so many more..i was working 5 or 6 days a week and we were always together and we'd go out to the bar every night after work... and josh didn't like that alot.

britny needed to get out of the falls...and coming home with me was a perfect opportunity! so at the end of september me and britny left on a roadtrip down here. seperate vehicles, walkie talkies, stops in chicago, kentucky, and orlando. GOOD TIMES!

to be continued....
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[15 May 2009|04:55pm]
may 14 @ 1:30am...
the last time i gave a shit
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[06 May 2009|10:19am]
yayyy i start working at thunderbird tonight!

Sat, Sun, and Mon nights.... in the lounge.... with the drunks...

we'll see how this goes...
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yayyyy [23 Apr 2009|02:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so i'm leaving tonight at midnite for my roadtrip... just thought i'd document the occasion so i can look back and reflect... haha

so josh and i are taking off for texas-webster to be exact-to meet up with laurie and andy to chill for a few days. then josh flies out and laurie and I are off to minnesota. not exactly the road trip of my dreams, but i'm gonna get up there and start working and MAKING MONEY!!!
i have large and medium suitcases full of clothes, a really large bag of toiletries/hair stuff/jewelry, a bag of bags, my tent, air mattress, camping equipment, and a smaller roadtrip suitcase with clothes and stuff. in addition i have a loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter, and SQUEEZABLE jelly, chips, granola bars, lunchables, and three 4-packs of AMP... that way i don't have to spend money on food and crap on the road. I of couse have my computer, camera, and chargers of the sort in a bag.
OH and i went to AAA and got a trip tik, which is a cool flip book map of turn by turn directions for the whole trip.. pretty cool, eh? ( i have to start saying eh now haha)

I'm really excited to work hard, quit some of my vices, and SAVE some serious money.

On the way home Jessica and I are gonna make a really long trip out of it and camp in different places.

Heres hopin this summer rocks.

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ouch [26 Sep 2008|04:50pm]
i had surgery this morning to remove several lymph nodes from my groin. they're being sent to a pathologist to determine if they're swollen from infection or something else. My mom, bro, dad, and bill all came to the hospital to make sure i was okay.
it kinda feels like he cut whatever attaches my leg to my groin and it hurts like a bee-yotch, but its a small price to pay.
i'm elated that my bestie came all the way down to be with me while i'm going thru this, i love knowing that I have true friends that will drive 4 hours to sit on the couch and do nothing with me. no matter what happens with these lymph nodes and my health, at least i know that I can count on my bestie, even though i may not be able to count on many other people.
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scurrrred [17 Sep 2008|10:56am]
[ mood | nervous ]

so 2 years ago i went to a doctor at cleveland clinic and told her about these weird lumps i have on my neck. (both on the left side, one is more on my shoulder) She didn't think much about it and told me not to worry or something.. i dont really remember what she said, but i know she didn't think much of it. so i didn't worry, i've just had theses lumps that fluctuate in size for no reason. they don't hurt but its kind freaky..whateve 2 years went on.
then 2 days ago i found a lump just below my hip in my groin that feels just like the ones on my neck. i saw the Dr yesterday and she was kind of concerned i think. she prodded around my lumps and felt me all up, then had me get blood work and x rays and shit. so of course last night i was looking on webMD and lympatic system charts and realized that i have another lump in my arm, just above my elbow. it looks like its another lymph node. i called my doctors office this morning and told them, they said my bloodwork results were in but they wouldnt tell me anything about it.
so i'm kinda freaking out. i'm hoping these lumps are because i'm a fatass or something and nothing scary like i was reading about. i'm kinda dumb for looking online so much because now all i can think bout is lymphoma and hodgkins disease and leukemia... i dont think i have anything that bad... but i just dont know.......
now i'm just waiting for a phone call from the doctor.. and i'm really nervous...

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[29 Jul 2008|10:16pm]
do not ever--EVER--ever take a class with professor Mario Toussaint. ever. don't do it.
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[22 Jul 2008|06:17pm]
I hate this bitch.

how dare you. "HE'LL BE FINE :)" i will stab you in the fuckin eye. you are not helping him at all with everything that you are doing. shut your fucking mouth. this is not about you, this is about saving his life. how stupid can you be to give a cell phone to someone who doesn't want to be in treatment? obviously that is not going to help anything at all, but i guess you'd have to have a functioning brain to come to that conclusion. he wants his xanax too are you bringing him some right now? i have my doubts about him actually staying there as it is and now i have to worry about your dumb ass going to pick him up. i have never liked you. you made my brother into a monster and you are fucking crazy. and because of that i wasn't even there to realize what was going on. i didn't even waste my time trying to see him because i knew that you would be there. and now look what happened.
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its about time for some fun!!! [18 Jul 2008|12:30pm]
HORRAY!!!! Jessica and I are embarking on a serious roadtrip to Minnesota! I have never been so excited for ANYTHING in my WHOLE LIFE!!!! we're taking 10 days and driving all the way up to the falls. I've always wanted to take jess up there and i really thought it wouldn't work out until we were old or something. but we're going!! so there are lots of changes to the intinterary, but this is the first draft.... i'm so psyched!

August 6 – August 16
Wednesday, August 6- Laura and Laurie leave Ft. Lauderdale at 12:00 PM, Arrive in Orlando 4:00 PM. (Or Leave Ft. Lauderdale at 3:00 PM, Arrive in Orlando 7:00 PM) 3 hours 19 minutes, 212.20 miles.
Thursday, August 7- Leave Orlando 5:00 AM, Arrive Gainesville, GA 12:00 PM. 7 hours, 448.68 miles. Spend the night at Laurie’s sisters.
Friday, August 8- Leave Gainesville, GA 5:00 AM, Arrive Minneapolis, MN 11:00 PM. 17 hours 35 minutes, 1,115,58 miles. Spend the night at cousin Rachel’s!
Saturday, August 9- Leave Minneapolis, MN 5:00 AM, Arrive International Falls, MN 10:00 AM. 4 hours 51 minutes, 293.51 miles.
Sunday, August 10- Visit International Falls, Fort Frances (CANADA!!) (Possibly begin camping)
Monday, August 11- Begin Camping in Voyagers National Park. (Probably Dryweed or Anderson Bay campsite) Spend the night on an island!.
Tuesday, August 12- Still Camping!! Visit Kettle Falls Hotel, see Kettle Falls Dam, Namakan Lake. Spend the night on an island again!.
Wednesday, August 13- Pack up camp at dawn, visit Rainy Lake Houseboats, Thunderbird Lodge, Casa Loma. Leave International Falls, 12:00 PM, 4 hours 51 minutes, 293.51 miles. Arrive Minneapolis, MN 7:00 PM. Meet cousin Rachel! Spend the night.
Thursday, August 14- Leave Minneapolis 5:00 AM, Arrive Wilmington, NC 3:00 AM. 22 hours 33 minutes, 1,406.77 miles. Check into Marriot!!
Friday, August 15- Wedding and Reception venue appointments all day! (St. Andrew’s Covenant, North Carolina Aquarium) Spend the night @ Marriot.
Saturday, August 16- Leave Wilmington, NC 5:00 AM. Arrive Orlando, FL 4:00 PM. 8 hours 57 minutes, 576.74 miles. Laura will stay at Jessica’s NEW apartment!!
Sunday, August 17- Leave Orlando 10:00 AM. Arrive in Fort Lauderdale 2:00 PM. 3 hours 19 minutes, 212.20 miles.
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two days.... [07 May 2008|09:19am]
[ mood | sunny ]

...thats all i get in between semesters. Shitty!!

but i'm spending them at the beach. and seas are less than 2ft...

jenn and i went yesterday and it was just beautiful, the water was AMAZING and and calm and flat and not cold. so i finally convinced jenn to go in, and she eventually made it in to about 10 feet away from shore. so we were standing there just looking out at the ocean, i turned around and looked to see where our chairs were or something...

AND A 5ish FOOT SHARK SWAM BETEEN US AND THE SHORE. so i saw it and calmly started pushing jenn to the right, so we could get out behind the shark after it swam by, and saying very calmly "jenn get out of the water get out get out jenn get out of the water jenn now etc" and she saw the shark and we both kinda jumped and started moving out

THEN the shark got spooked too I think because it TURNED AROUND and was almost heading right toward us, but then just dipped off in the direction it was originally coming from...

so jenn and i got out of the water ASAP and were spazzing on shore for a second. then when we looked back out into the clear beautiful water we saw the shark just swimmin around looking all deadly and scary. and as we kept watching we saw a SCHOOL of sharks, ya know like on the news? the ones that the crazy changes in the earth make them go to new places and eat new things *ahem*PEOPLE*?? yeah. at least 12 of them. RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY GREAT AUNTS HOUSE. my mom has been swimming at that beach for over 30 years and has never seen that many sharks. it was out of control.

so jenn and i just tanned and watched sharks swim around. and warned stupid canadians.

we had other adventures yesterday too. on the way to the beach, this guy kinda turned out into traffic blocking this other guy, so they both got outta there cars and almost fought on the street. it was awesome.

then we saw a car on fire on the way home, which was pretty cool to see too.. (no one was in it, duh)
and then me josh and jenn saw forgetting sarah marshall and it was still funny the 2nd time.

now i'm going to the beach again.

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[11 Jun 2007|03:53pm]
i'm not quite sure why my dad was such a jerk today..

i quit beef o bradys because the owner is a psycho. her name is samm and she's like a nazi. she makes everyone feel like the most insignificant peice of shit ever and nothing you do is right, and ask a question---oh my fucking god-- how dare you.
so i didn't have another job lined up when i decided to quit, so now i'm kinda in a rush to find something. at first i was being picky, trying to get a full time cushy desk job. i could go to school at night, and with paychecks like that, i'd have money saved for a place in no time.
but my mom innocently told my dad my plan and he flipped his lid, saying that i can only work part time because i need to concentrate on school. so now i'm trying to find a part time job that pays me the money that a full time one would...yeah never happening.

so my dad calls me and is lecturing on the importance of making sure you have another job before you quit one (ok i get that..) and that i need to make the influence in my life HIM not my mother. because my mother is not as successful as him. thats not exactly what he said, because what he said was even meaner.. and thats just fucked up. who are you to tell me that my moms the failure? she raised your kids.
you gave her 5 dollars on tuesday nights so that she'd buy us mc donalds on the one day a week that you're not home for dinner. every other night she had dinner ready, was there for us when we got home, made us breakfast in the morning. she was there with a rational point of view when all you had were wild screaming fits of rage when something didn't go your way..
whatever, the past is past. i didn't learn alot about these things until i was older..
but how dare you talk down about my mother...to ME?? it just doesnt make sense. I can understand if Tammy would say something, or Lacey even.. but not him..
so on top of that bullshit, i'm doing everything in my power to say whatever i can to make him stop. he just keeps going and getting meaner. so i say i understand that i fucked up by not having a new job before quitting beefs. understand by this time i'm sobbing. he's been in my ear for like 15 minutes. and he's laughing at me....
just chuckling on the other end of the line....are you kidding me? i'm ready to throw myself in traffic just to get your voice out of my head...and you're laughing... ugh.

then he calls back a while later. i've finished crying (so i thought) and i'm trying to clean my car.. and hes just kinda trying to apologize and change the subject and asked my why i'm going to orlando this weekend [I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED TO GO TO ORLANDO I CANNOT DEAL WITH IT ANYMORE.] and i told him that it's jessica's b-day and theres some skank throwing a party on jessica's b-day and all of her "friends" are going to ditch her. and i know what its like to be alone on your birthday. He asks, "when were you alone on your birthday?"... so lets just open up some old healing wounds, shall we?
"5 days after i moved to orlando i spent my birthday in my apartment, by myself" and he has the audacity to say "oh, i would've come up!"

.....first of all.... you don't know when your own daughter's birthday is? your secretary sent me flowers, you should have asked her... and secondly, i moved up to orlando BY MYSELF. i had to pay the guys from the 2nd floor to help me carry my TV upstairs. i had to pack my own car and drive my own ass up by myself. i didn't get a move in party like my siblings, or help cleaning and decorating my room. i got 95 trips up and down the 3 flights of stairs..

god im so upset... i dont know why... i just feel so fucking jan brady.. i mean...fuck
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[06 Jun 2007|04:00pm]
[ mood | content ]

it sucks not being able to chill with your bestie anymore :(
but on the 15th its party time! i can't wait to go to o-town. i dont even care what we do, i just want to have fun.

things are going well with josh. hopefully he'll get his own place soon. i'm so proud of him for getting this job. he works so hard every single day and doesnt get paid as much as he should, but he still does it and puts up with so much. its gonna be so great when we can have our own place again. sweety wants her own place too..

she was so festive for st. patty's day...

so hopefully i'll get a new computer for my birthday. i like this one and all, but it weighs like 30 pounds and the battery lasts for like 20 minutes... i'm hoping for a light little apple. like my brothers.

i'm not really good with this livejournal thing right now.. i dont have any angst..haha... when i get pissed though i'll be back..to write more crap

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[29 Sep 2006|02:18pm]
[ mood | dead ]

i feel really shitty.
i lied about something so dumb. i didn't even think they'd ask me in the first place so i didnt think of what i was going to say before hand and when i got confronted with the question i just said the first thing that came off the top of my head. in reality, i didnt do what i said i did, and just laid on the couch in agony because of these god-awful cramps.. and then i lied about it. then i find out that we werent just going to any mall, we were going to the BOCA mall!! and we were going to have such a lovely time spending all this money, then you'll get your hair done at a fancy salon that costs fucking 80 dollars for a hair cut. i had no idea that it was such a big deal. i figured a trip to dillards and supercuts was the trick, but no. and no one told me. so i'm the idiot.

and i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really dislike my step mom. even if she was going to take me out and do fun stuff, it wasn't for me. that woman doesnt have a considerate bone in her body. oh, woe.

i really would like to just get on some sort of financial aide from the government so they can pay for school. and then i'll take the bus to and from school,and i'll get a job at pizza hut or something.....i have experience........... and i'll live under a bridge.

or maybe i'll just leave.....and go somewhere else..
ya know i could fill up my gas tank right now and drive until it runs out...just drive away... and then wherever i end up i'll live. but i'm sure if shit like that went down my car would be called in stolen faster than you can say "thisshitblows".....

i feel kind of like at the end of my rope...ish...

i also feel like if i stare at the tv screen i can stop thinking about the bullshit...but its not true.

------please disregard everything everything above-------

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[02 Jun 2006|09:56pm]
i dont know what the fuck i'm gonna do
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[20 May 2006|09:29am]
i got a brand new car.

i don't know what the occasion is, but all I know is that I have the most amazing family in the entire world.
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[09 May 2006|12:34am]
three days ago was my 4 year live journal anniversary.

thats fucking scary.
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[06 Apr 2006|09:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I had my livejournal for like 2 days when i made this post...


I am so stupid haha..

[07 May 2002|03:12pm]
[ mood | scurred... ]
[ music | System of a Down-Darts ]

I had THE most horrible time skipping 1st and 2nd block today. me and 6 other people went to Ihop (which was cool) then we went to this offroading place and couldnt offroad because there was 7 people in the car. 3 of the others then proceeded to call school from the cell phone and excuse themselves for the day. so moving on... kelsey's ex b/f was home sleeping so we went to his house and woke him up and we were just sitting there doing nothing... when ALL of the sudden the cell phone started ringing...and it was danielle's mother.... AHHHH!!!! It turns out, she got the number from the school when they called to report danielle's absence. So her mom was all like "this is Danielles mother, tell her to get her ass back to school or to come home" so we all flipped out and didnt know what to do. so we decided to tell danielles mom that i was upset a/b something shallow and stupid and daniell felt sick, so we decided to leave school and go sit at danielles house... i personally think that would have worked out just fine, until we were driving with charlie to the gas station on our way to danielle's house when a silver van pulled up behind us and inside was (of course) danielles mom.... i was a nervous wreck because i KNOW she was going to tell my mom (and probly still is).. so danielle got in the car w/ her mom (and i havent heard from her since then) and charlie dropped me off in front of piper prison. i signed in and told the people in the office that i woke up late and had to walk to school... i hope it worked. i didnt miss any work in any of my classes, had fun for a little while but i am NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVVVEEERRRRR going to skip AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha....and i skipped like everyday after that too.

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[21 Mar 2006|07:34pm]
So i'm working now its so weird.

i get up every day and come and sit in an office for hours. its so funny. i never saw myself doing this. its kinda like TAG but easier.. i love the people i work with. i mean their cool people. theres lots of inter office high school type drama but i'm going to try and keep myself as far away from that as i can. but everythings going pretty good i guess... i mean moneys fuckin tight. even though i have a job. my dad cut me off. so i actually have to make my own money..its so different. i like want to kill people that ask for money (ie bill collecters, stores, etc) but whatever. josh is going to get a good job. and brians living with us and he has a good job. and jennifers gonna be staying with us for the summer which will be phat.. even though i'll be in school during the summer i still want it to rock..
yeah i'm gonna try to keep this job and just have like 2 classes that i go to before work. i hope i can do it. i feel like if i get overwhelmed with school i have the type of job that i can do some school work while i'm here. which is cool. I'm at work right now, i hope i remember to delete the history so i dont get in trouble. haha.
but i dont know. thats it.
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[02 Mar 2006|03:37pm]
OH YEAH!!!!!
hell yeah. oh my god i cannot even explain how fuckin amazing this is. i mean. theres a conspiracy goin on up here in orlando, pretty much everywhere (cept 4 the bottom of the barrel shitty $2 an hour places) will not hire me. if they pay more than 3.15 its like fuck you.
but i
have a job
laugh if you want, but i'm happier than a pig in shit. i'm gonna be working like 40-50 hours a week. oh hell yeah. and i have to work one saturday a month. but that means the week that i work a saturday i can take a day off..like a monday, so i would never lose my 2 off days.
nicole is the shit. she told me where to go what to say, she made like 4 people come in and meet me and she made me smile like an idiot. BUT IT WORKED!! SO THERE!!! nicoles awesome.

well other than that everything in my life is shit.
if it wasnt for josh.. i dont know what id do.... he keeps me sane... i'm so happy we're up here. OMG and i need to post the pictures my brother took of our little family. its amazing. i'm gonna hang them everywhere. and send them to everyone in my family and rub it in their faces that i'm happy and it doesnt matter that my stupid father is going to tell my whole family horrible things that they'll dislike me even more for. they'll see that i'm happy being disliked. again. its like a fuck you. haha. i'm losin it.
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